Music by Nora Burns Tucker


Hi from Memphis, Tennessee. This is a great town to play music in for several reasons. One is the numerous musicians of all interests that are willing and able to play music. Another reason is that live music is highly valued in this town that has generated so many styles and talents. And we have some of the most important sites for popular music – Sun Studios, Graceland, and Stax Records – that bring music tourists from all over the world.

I am fortunate to have played in rhythm and blues and rock bands, bluegrass and reggae groups, and Irish music shows. Currently I have gone full circle back to acoustic music to sing the songs of my most beloved writers. They include John Fogerty, Joni Mitchell, John Hiatt, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles.

Hank and Nora

Hank Sable and I have worked together for the last two years. This summer, 2008, we are playing Monday evenings at The Blue Fish Restaurant, Cooper and Young. We are featured every other month at the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) meetings in various downtown locations. We frequently provide music at galleries and shops during the monthly Trolley Tour on South Main in downtown Memphis and other galleries around town.


Hank and I enjoy playing indoor and outdoor events. We can add a bass player, drummer and other musicians for a larger sound. Please send me your inquiries about dates and pricing at noraburns at noraburns dot com.